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      C-Type Photographic Hand-prints, ~125x125cm

      Sugar drawings & hanging (sugar solution, watercolour, graphite), 20 x 30 cm, ~ 350x100 cm

      Installation view: 'Of the Sea' exhibition, Historic Dockyard Chatham & RCafe Gallery, London

Copyright 2019

Louise Long Visual Artist Photographer Photography Royal College of Art


The ecological classification for the lowest-most layer of undergrowth on the rainforest floor.
Where animal and plant life abounds, but sunlight is scarcest.


The relationship between the appearance of a landscape and the realities it conceals.


A constellation of works drawing on narratives surrounding the history of sugar:

a photographic exploration of an extinct sugar plantation - dense rainforest witness to a concealed history.


A series of sugar paintings exploiting the natural crystallisation of sugar; a process of resolution rather than entropy. Artistic control is relinquished, whilst medium and concept  inextricably bound.



Anse Mamin Rainforest, St Lucia, West Indies (2015-19)

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