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Louise Long Visual Artist Photographer Photography Royal College of Art

Submarine / Sublime

The wisdom of Longinus, 1st Century philosopher, taught us that easier than achieving a true illustration of the sublime, is to be blinded by the act. So how to overcome it’s obstacle? In this series, an equatorial seascape comes into proximity with the oblique, unknowable phenomenon of the underwater body.


Here, we encounter the sublime in a different form: in underwater incident and miniature, in shadow and blur; in abstraction. Beyond sheer magnitude, overpowering sensation, brutal force or even transcendence - the sublime of this fluid landscape refers to something essential to all things: their withdrawnness from comprehension.  Once grounded in a place, the de-contextualisation of the images instead evokes a boundless environment; floating adrift from reach. In search of its essential spirit.


Submarine / Sublime speaks not to a experience but to a process of making visible the obscurity, turbulence and reluctance of the sea. As well as the myriad cycles and rhythms to which it is attuned: qualities deeper, hidden and more unreachable than we ever anticipated. A place of intimate yet indeterminate allure; suspended on film.



Soufrière, St Lucia (2018-19)

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