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      Photogravures (30x40cm)

      C-Type Photographic Handprints (50x62 in)

      Installation view: recovered found objects (glass bottles, watch-strap, clothes labels, key, zip), on 35mm film wrapping

Copyright 2018

Louise Long Visual Artist Photographer Photography Royal College of Art

Bleached left-overs from consumption.


A process of observation, dissection and reassembly, referencing the archaeological process of imprinting from found material,
an early alternative to photography.


The project hones in on the materiality and altered symbolic value of small-scale urban wasteland - La Rotonde de la Villete,
Paris 19e. A place of indeterminate liminality - a site pressed between function and abandonment, between history and the present, leisure and industry.


Analogous to a dry-river bed or watering hole, the white paint of its surface offers a camouflage a camouflage: a simultaneous preservation and destruction. Like precious silt in a river bed, the paint elevates its contents - discarded objects are fertilised, transfigured into precious memorials, contemporary fossils.


The Rotonde de la Villette, Paris (2016)




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