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Louise Long Visual Artist Photographer Photography Royal College of Art


Nestled between the rainforest and the Caribbean sea, in the shadow of the majestic Piton mountains, the West coast St Lucian town of Soufri​è​re has faced centuries of invasion, guerrilla warfare and natural disaster.


The original capital of the island of St Lucia - founded by French plantation estate owners and eventually settled by survivors of the slave trade - Soufri​è​re is today home to 8,000 people.


This ongoing series of photographs seeks to reflect its quiet quotidian rhythms: a lone figure resting in the cool of the Market Square, the twisted pattern fishing nets like striped candy on a seaside pier, deserted town houses, expectant rum bars, heaving coconut truck, a glistening catch. The everyday sublime.



Soufrière, St Lucia (2016-19)

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C-type Photographs

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