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      C-type Photographic Handprints; 144x127cm

      Illuminated works on Paper (graphite, handmade painting solutions of blueberry/redcurrant/turmeric/red onion / red cabbage / carrot, lavender oil); 38x30cm


      Installation views & details (Show17, Royal College of Art, London, June 2017)

Louise Long Visual Artist Photographer Photography Royal College of Art

Copyright 2018


The scientific notation for the period of morning twilight, when solar illumination suffices to distinguish objects by the human eye.


Civil Dawn presents an archive of dawn through the filter of sleeplessness.


The photographic series ruminates on a quality of dawn sunlight, as well as a mode of perception that the insomniac day uncovers: a state of heightened, yet clouded vision, at once specific and otherworldly. Rather than tormented confinement in darkness, these images reflect an enduring experience of insomnia as percipience and possibility: the liberation and restoration of dawn.


In visual correspondence - a collection of illuminated drawings of SAD lamps, rendered with painting solutions extracted from high-antioxidant foodstuffs. And in tandem, a set of cyanotype prints on calligraphy paper, representing age-old sunshine recording devices.


The human ritual around sunlight is at once complex, antagonistic and contradictory. How we continue to harness, formalise, and ultimately live in relation to natural cycles is a surely a timeless concern.





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